Well, on the 29th of May, I joint the intensive course held by The Gate Darkroom, what did I do on that day? Because as a volunteer who is working for The Gate Darkroom, my job is more like a back-end job. For example, mix with stopper and fixer, deal with the unused chemical elements, teach students how to use the enlarger machine, and so on.

So here is the list of what I did on the 29th of May,

Put the film in the black bags, and use tools to open the film container after that, but the film into the tank, and prepare for the development.

Help students mixed with fixer and developer.

Clean the container which used to hold the fixer and developer.

Show students how to use enlarger.

Prepare for the chemical elements.

Cut papers.

Put the paper into the tank and wash it.

Help students detective the best exposure time.

In conclusion, I did lots of jobs there, and I think it is useful, all those things can be added to my CV, and during the same time, when I working in those times, it is also a good time for me to know new friends, I am looking forward to having another work day in the Gare Darkroom.

Hi, guys, please let me introduce myself, my name is Tom, and I am a photography major student who is doing a BA Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster Harrow campus. I am currently doing an internship at the Gate Darkroom as part of my course.
Today, let me ask you a question: do you have an interest in knowing how photographers develop film? Or in knowing how photographers print
pictures from film to paper? Then, congratulations, today you get a chance to know some answers! Please
let me tell you about the Gate Darkroom Open Studioday, an opportunity to see the darkroom in action!

This is also an opportunity to meet some of the artists and photographers of the Gate Darkroom, who will share about their work and printing practice.

We will also tell the world about our collective show coming up in September!
Interested? Then why not visit us on Saturday 25th June 12 pm-6 pm.

03, Thames-Side Studios, Studio U0, Harrington Way, Warspite Rd, London SE18 5NR

“As photographers and artists we explore themes relating to ‘drawing with light’ and being collective.
We experiment with a wide range of techniques and processes. For this exhibition we are presenting a
selection of works along our path of discovery. Working in the darkroom with chemicals and liquids is a
uniquely tactile activity, and sometimes the art reveals itself through the actual process. We often get
surprising results from chemical experiments that drive us forward. We can shoot a roll of film and then
discard the majority in the quest for the ‘final print’, but what happens to all those other unseen images
that continue to exist in a forgotten netherworld?” – The Gate Darkroom, April 2022

Info: https://richmix.org.uk/events/the-art-of-fake-news/

We hosted another ‘Reframes’ workshop last Sunday 03/04.

‘Reframes’ workshop: spring edition!
What’s in a photograph? And what’s in a word? How do you want to be seen? 4th workshop of a series exploring Vietnamese migration by women of the diaspora through photography and linguistics. This workshop focused on family making and family memories. Organised by Carô Gervay and Hoa Le. @hanale90 @em.lnc @claymai_ @linhgaga @britishvietproject
Hosted by @thegatedarkroom
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More info: https://www.carolinegervay.com/reframes

Work in Progress from the darkroom.

Join us for a drink next Thursday 14th April 2022 from 6.30pm at the Lounge, Thames Side Studios, Unit 0.

More info:

We finally made the move. Thanks to Fanservices ltd for their expertise and work, responding to our needs by designing a special matt black vent for us. www.fanservices.co.uk

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We had our second meeting with our group members Lee, Liz, David, Sarah A, Sarah G, Henry, Diyou, John, Vicky, Carô, José to prepare for the upcoming exhibition in @thamessidestudiosse18 in Sepetmber. Some of them come in physical, people who can’t make it to the darkroom joined us through a zoom meeting.

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Today, doing photography relying on touch. From processing film to printing from your negative via making a contact sheet. Full on day.
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We recently welcomed CCC (care collective for curatorial) and their revitalizing project Ecotone! Member Carô Gervay held one of the workshops at the Gate Darkroom and explored the following questions: what can analogue photography do with/for the Asian diaspora communities? What do we value in creating images collectively? How are consent and representation negotiated? What happens when we create memories together? We used pinhole cameras and phones, revealing contours of land, water and bodies. We looked at horizons and created more collective horizons, somewhere between the UK and Korea. With:Bettina Fung @bettinafwsCarô Gervay @carogervayGhost & John @ghostandjohn Joon Lynn Goh @joonlynngohYoungsook Choi @young.sook.choi&Carefully crafted by CCC:Eugene Hannah Park @_ehparkInyoung Park @iii.013Arreum Moon @lunarreumTaey Iohe @taey.iohe

A bit more on the project (including other workshops):