Hello and welcome!  It’s really great to start autumn 2012 with a new blog for The Gate Darkroom.   We’ve been really wanting to get the word out more about what we’re doing & what’s going on.  The Gate Darkroom is a newly established not-for-profit communal photographic darkroom at New Cross Gate in London to help budding artists, photographers, students and all who wish to work with black & white darkroom processes in a supportive environment.  Have a look at the About Page in this blog if you want to find out more, and we’re also on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/TheGateDarkroom).  We also hope this blog may be of some interest to any, like us,  who ‘re exploring the black & white photographic medium, or just photography in general!   But before I get carried away I would like to say a special thank you to Elizabeth Doherty at LCC who encouraged us to start this blog (some time ago now, admittedly) and indeed introduced us to the wonder of the darkroom in the first place.  Thank you Elizabeth!