JANUARY SALE:  We are currently having a sale of three months’ membership of the Gate Darkroom for only £165.  This represents a saving of £15 for 2014 membership rates, which are now set at £60 per month.  The sale finishes on 2 February.  Casual use is charged at £25 per day (8 hours) so long as a member is present. 

Membership of the Gate provides full access to all darkroom facilities day and night on a 24-hour basis.  All chemicals are included, along with equipment for film development and paper printing in black & white.  Negatives sizes from 35mm to 5×4 inches can be developed and printed.  There is also a dry mount press for up to 20×24 inch paper. 

The Gate is a not-for-profit community interest organisation, run on a voluntary basis, which aims to have a supportive and welcoming environment for all, whatever their knowledge or experience.  It shares the space with an artistic community including Zeitgeist Arts Projects, which supports new and ambitious artists with practical ways to sustain their practice (http://www.zeitgeistartsprojects.com/index.html).  

While there has had to be a rise in the standard rates for 2014 due to core cost increases, the Gate remains a fantastic – and probably unrivalled! – deal in London.

The Gate has been established with the help of Artists’ Studio Company (http://www.ascstudios.co.uk/), a charity that supports visual and performing artists.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information:  Lee Murphy on 07714 699 608 or David Whiting on 07854 948 527 or by email at thegatedarkroom@gmail.com.