We’re really excited to announce that the Gate Darkroom will be involved in this year’s UrbanPhotoFest:  http://www.urbanphotofest.org/

This important international festival is now in its ninth year and will focus on Photography, Memory and the Archive, collaborating with Tate Modern, Goldsmiths, Kingston and Falmouth Universities, Westminster Kingsway College, the Urban Photographers’ Association (UPA), London Independent Photography (LIP), Openvizor, International Urban Photography Summer School (iUPSS), the Old Deptford Police Station, Lewisham Art House, APT Gallery, and Greenwich Gallery.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the Gate Darkroom will be holding its own exhibition at the Bond House Gallery by some of its members entitled ‘Collective Traces’, as well as two exciting workshops?  More details to follow!

Please come along, get involved, it’ll be really engaging and a fantastic opportunity to see the darkroom and find out more.