We are thrilled to report that the darkroom build is progressing well.  We are now on the verge of completing most of the structural work, along with new workstations to house 7 bench-mounted enlargers.  These will include the Durst Laborator 1200 and the De Vere 504 with the multigrade head, along with the Durst M 805s.  In addition we have a De Vere 504 with a drop-down base board, making 8 enlargers in all.  The plumbing is almost complete providing two large sinks along with a small one.  We are soon to begin the electrics and are currently undertaking the finishing work, ensuring the space is light tight and fully functioning for black and white printing.  So it is certainly looking more like a darkroom!  We are hoping to announce an opening date soon and will keep you posted.  If you wish to take an online peak, please take a look here: