You’re probably keen to hear – and see – more about the darkroom!  Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to create a great new space that’ll support all who wish to be involved in black & white photographic print making.  And that includes camera-less printing as well!  We’ve now an array of enlargers in a much bigger space than New Cross Gate.  In fact, we have double the area with over 900 sq ft.  This is split into a walk-in darkroom with light trap, seven bench-mounted enlargers and one drop-down baseboard De Vere.  There’s a wet section with plenty of room for 20’’x 24’’ trays and a large and small sink for washing.  In the studio there’s also a large sink with adjacent wet area which has the dryer for resin-coated paper and the drying cabinet.  All the kit you need to develop film is there too along with the essential chemicals.  One great benefit is the natural light that comes into the studio area which really helps us assess the quality of our prints.  We’ve also just completed our phase II build which includes a long work bench for assessing negatives. 

The darkroom has opened this month and Toby has been providing a full induction for all members.  We also have an online booking scheme though this isn’t compulsory and usually people just turn up, find an enlarger and get printing! 

We are currently running a great opening membership deal of £70 per month.  This gives you unlimited access to all the equipment and chemicals.  All the details may be found on the About page, but hurry as this offer will not continue for ever and we may decide we have enough members for the time-being!

If you just want to come along, have a look, see the space & have a chat about membership, you are more than welcome.  Please just get in touch: