You may be wondering what the travel and journey times are like to the new darkroom.  At first sight, the location may look a bit remote (unless you live in East Greenwich!).  Actually, it’s much nearer than you think!  Our closest tube stop is on the jubilee line at North Greenwich, in Zone 2, and takes only 15 mins from Green Park.  It’s then a 15-minute bus ride (472 or 161), and the buses are pretty frequent – normally you only have to wait a couple of minutes or so.  There’re also direct trains from London Cannon Street to Woolwich Dockyard which is just a short walk away.  Services run every 10 mins and take about 23 minutes.  So it’s really only about a half hour journey from Central London!  

More locally, the same train service stops at Deptford and from there it’s a 12-minute journey to Woolwich Dockyard.  Or zip up to Canada Water from New Cross/New Cross Gate on the Overground and pick up the Jubilee Line – it’s around a 10 min journey to North Greenwich.  Local buses which pass by the front door are the 180 to Greenwich (30 mins) and Lewisham (37 mins) and the 177 also via Greenwich to New Cross and Peckham (45 mins).  If you’re coming by bike there is a lovely river path that takes a leisurely half an hour from New Cross Gate and there are bicycle racks on site.  If you’re driving, there’re loads of free parking bays at Thames-Side, along with 24 hours security. 

Several of us travel across from west and north London and the journey time has only lengthened by 15 minutes from the one we used to do to New Cross Gate.  However, we are finding that the benefits and advantages of the new space and environment are well worth that travelling commitment (just look at that gallery space:IMG_2121 and we haven’t even mentioned the darkroom yet!)   

Finally, for those seeking a real river experience, you could always board river boat RB1 from Westminster Pier (about 45 mins, 4 every hour) or from Bankside Pier (28 mins, and very handy for the Tate!) to Greenwich Pier and then hop on the 180 or 177.  And if you’re looking for an aerial view, why not just take the Emirates Air Line!

And just so you know where we actually are, the map is here: